Database of neutron diffraction data

This database is a convenient source from which to obtain neutron scattering data on glasses, liquids and other disordered materials

Users of ISIS are especially encouraged to submit data from their neutron scattering experiments. Please contact Alex Hannon if you wish to submit data to the database. The data should satisfy the requirements:

1. The data should have been published in a scientific journal so that a full reference can be given. (Papers which are in press will be accepted.)
2. The data should be in a form which most people will be able to use. Generally this means that the data will be given as a text file containing columns of numbers (usually x, y, y-error). Binary data files are not encouraged.
3. The data should include or be accompanied by a very brief description, stating which figure of the publication shows the data and any significant conditions such as temperature.

The published scientific paper should be used to obtain the full information about any of the datasets obtained from this database.

If you use the GSQ suite of software then the command WPE can be used to create a file for the database, as follows:
WPE ioq "ABCioq.txt"
where ioq is the name of the workspace which contains the dataset, and ABCioq.txt is the name of the output file.

Any data which are taken from this database and used in a scientific publication MUST be acknowledged by using the reference given in the database. The use of the database itself should also be acknowledged, as follows:

"ISIS Disordered Materials Database,"